Core Data + iCloud: clear data folders for syncing

When you are developing an iCloud app and you have problems with syncing try the above code: All you need to do is run it once with “cleanUbiquitousFolder = YES” and the switch it back to NO to resume developing your app. Credits to apple developer forums…

Assignment 4 – Paparazzi part 2

An educational assignment with little help from the tutorial. You have to follow apple’s documentation, ray’s wenderlich blog and many others… You can read my code (without warranty :)) Assume that Person and Photo classes are auto-generated from xcode. It’s worth saying that I got help from MI Postel blog

Core Data Tutorials

By reading the great Google group “iPhone Application Development Auditors” I found two great tutorials in the following sites: In Cocoa Dev Central the article Core Data Class Overview and in sallarp blog the article iPhone – Core Data and UITableview. A drill-down application. Enjoy!!