This is a great new feature in iOS 5. New way of working using graphical interface in combination with new instance methods. Matthijs Hollemans published a useful tutorial regarding storyboards. A part that I found very useful is when he describes the mechanism of binding the source and the destination scene, read Here’s a handy

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Assignment 4 – Paparazzi part 2

An educational assignment with little help from the tutorial. You have to follow apple’s documentation, ray’s wenderlich blog and many others… You can read my code (without warranty :)) Assume that Person and Photo classes are auto-generated from xcode. It’s worth saying that I got help from MI Postel blog

When you hit “EXC_BAD_ACCESS”…

and try to find the reason maybe a simple NSZombieEnabled activation is not enough… In a situation like this, I was googling around and found the following blog: Coders Like Us in the article Finding freed/deallocated instances of objects I discovered that the secret was in MallocStackLoggingNoCompact  Follow the story and you’ ll see 🙂

Core Data Tutorials

By reading the great Google group “iPhone Application Development Auditors” I found two great tutorials in the following sites: In Cocoa Dev Central the article Core Data Class Overview and in sallarp blog the article iPhone – Core Data and UITableview. A drill-down application. Enjoy!!  

How to simulate a location manager’s update? (CLLocationManager)

I was studying in my place a verry nice and simple apple tutorial regarding Core Data, the Core Data Tutorial for iOS. By coding the example I noticed that it couldn’t be executed without connecting my iphone.  That time I wondered if I can fake the location manager with virtual updates.  Let’s google it. That

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In objective-c we declare only as property without instance variable?

I’m reading about core data and I noticed (again) in application delegate file: where the we have only the decleration of properties without the instance variables. By googling around I found that: In Objective-C 2.0 on either of the modern runtimes (ie, Intel 64bit and ARM) properties can be added to classes ‘dynamically’ (that is,

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Assignment 4 – Paparazzi part 1

In winter 2009 – 2010 C193p iPhone application Development course we had the Paparazzi Part 1 Assignment. It was fairly static and you could follow many different implementations.  Personally I follow the concept of creating a mutable array to keep the photoItem objects. My Appplication delegate is like:   Hope to help…