Core Data Tutorials

By reading the great Google group “iPhone Application Development Auditors” I found two great tutorials in the following sites: In Cocoa Dev Central the article Core Data Class Overview and in sallarp blog the article iPhone – Core Data and UITableview. A drill-down application. Enjoy!!  

How to simulate a location manager’s update? (CLLocationManager)

I was studying in my place a verry nice and simple apple tutorial regarding Core Data, the Core Data Tutorial for iOS. By coding the example I noticed that it couldn’t be executed without connecting my iphone.  That time I wondered if I can fake the location manager with virtual updates.  Let’s google it. That

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In objective-c we declare only as property without instance variable?

I’m reading about core data and I noticed (again) in application delegate file: where the we have only the decleration of properties without the instance variables. By googling around I found that: In Objective-C 2.0 on either of the modern runtimes (ie, Intel 64bit and ARM) properties can be added to classes ‘dynamically’ (that is,

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Assignment 4 – Paparazzi part 1

In winter 2009 – 2010 C193p iPhone application Development course we had the Paparazzi Part 1 Assignment. It was fairly static and you could follow many different implementations.  Personally I follow the concept of creating a mutable array to keep the photoItem objects. My Appplication delegate is like:   Hope to help…

An interesting development blog

An interesting development blog regarding the wordpress application for iPhone can be found here. It’s about the Open Source app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can follow along or join the discussion. It’s nice to see the cooperation for the “Making WordPress for iOS”