Getting xml data from a web service (Part 2 – RaprureXML 101)

In the first part, Getting xml data from a web service (Part 1 – AFNetworking 101), we managed to get the raw xml data from a web service using the AFNetworking library. RaptureXML is a simple, block-based XML library for the iOS platform that provides an expressive API that makes XML processing easy! The procedure to install

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iOS App localization

It’s better to have a multilingual app…is it right? Ok, in iOS everything is set up. You can follow Albert’s Mata enlightening tutorial “Introduction to internationalization using storyboards on iSO 5”. Enjoy…thanks Albert

Core Plot

When you cope with data is better to visualize it. A nice framework for iPhone is Core Plot, has many capabilities and is bast at the moment. The last version is 0.9 The only serious problem I faced, is the lack of documentation for the first steps.  Specifically if you are using Xcode 4.2… the

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Window-based Application template in xCode 4.2

Many tutorials has been written based on older xCode versions. Before 4.2 there was a convenient “Windows based Application” containing a MainWindow.xib. So what if you want to code an older version tutorial having 4.2 xCode? Follow the steps bellow: 1. Create an “Empty Application” template project (remember to deselect Storyboards and ARC from the

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Core Data Tutorials

By reading the great Google group “iPhone Application Development Auditors” I found two great tutorials in the following sites: In Cocoa Dev Central the article Core Data Class Overview and in sallarp blog the article iPhone – Core Data and UITableview. A drill-down application. Enjoy!!  

Assignment 4 – Paparazzi part 1

In winter 2009 – 2010 C193p iPhone application Development course we had the Paparazzi Part 1 Assignment. It was fairly static and you could follow many different implementations.  Personally I follow the concept of creating a mutable array to keep the photoItem objects. My Appplication delegate is like:   Hope to help…