A Survey on Intermediation Architectures

It is true that there are many different solutions regarding interconnectivity and interoperability for networked robots so that they will fulfil their purposes in a coordinated manner. Middleware architectures are becoming increasingly popular due to the advantages that they are capable of guaranteeing (hardware abstraction, information homogenization, easy access for the applications above, etc.). There

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How to install ros-control packages

Say that you use ROS-kinetic and you want to start to have fun with ros-control. Do you you know which are the dependencies? ok, follow me – it’s easy: sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-ros-control sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-ros-controllers sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-gazebo-ros-control

Radiation mapping application (Functionality)

The radiation mapping application has been developed using the directions of the experienced Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) researchers. It is a very specific application and in order to be useful and a real tool in the hands of the user, it has to be specifically defined and designed according to their needs. The configuration screen

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Radiation mapping application (Implementation)

The radiation mapping application was developed based on the iPhone 5 screen dimensions. Consequently, the layout and the size of the elements are adapted to this device. The minimum supported iOS version is the 7th. The implemented application consists of three UIViewControllers embedded in navigation controllers (fig.1). The main data structure that holds the mapping

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UAV simulations in ROS and Gazebo

When using ROS and Gazebo in robotics simulation what the roboticist want to avoid is the reinvention of the wheel. Therefore having these tools installed and working, the users could utilise packages that implement UAVs equipped with all the required features. Depending on the application, there are UAV implementations available which have many common characteristics

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Control a ROS-enabled UAV (Functionality)

The teleoperation application is a prototype of a fully working application yet has not optimised in areas such as functionality and appearance to be commercially available. The application consists of three main screens. The first screen appears when the application is loaded as the central hub (fig.1). From this point, the operator has a complete

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