Radiation mapping application (Functionality)

The radiation mapping application has been developed using the directions of the experienced Interface Analysis Centre (IAC) researchers. It is a very specific application and in order to be useful and a real tool in the hands of the user, it has to be specifically defined and designed according to their needs. The configuration screen

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Control a ROS-enabled UAV (Functionality)

The teleoperation application is a prototype of a fully working application yet has not optimised in areas such as functionality and appearance to be commercially available. The application consists of three main screens. The first screen appears when the application is loaded as the central hub (fig.1). From this point, the operator has a complete

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Control a ROS-enabled UAV (Implementation)

The implementation of the application was based on three UIViewControllers embedded in navigation controllers (fig.1). The navigation between the screens was accomplished using segues. In the projects’ workspace, three external libraries have been imported, namely: SocketRocket RBManager MKMapView As long as the control tab is enabled, the control messages are published in a continuous rate

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