About me

My name is Angelos Plastropoulos.

Angelos Plastropoulos

I am interested in developing robotics applications using ROS middleware (and ROS2). I want always to stay on top of the recent updates, so my latest addiction is to go deeper in C++17 and dive deeper in simulations.

In the past, I worked as iOS Developer in Rebel Cat Development project to gain knowledge and experience in developing code for mobile applications. This was a personal project which started in 2012. The subject of the project was to cover the whole business of an application, including planning, coding, designing graphics, promoting on the web and social media. In Nov 2012, I published the About Pets app for iPhone (last update in Aug 2014, version 1.2).

Owner and editor of codingAdventures.org since Jun 2011, a blog that contains tutorials and tips and ideas about coding!

I love motorbikes, music (electronica, disco, funk, pop, rock and classic) and mystery & suspense movies.

Academic Qualifications:

  • 2014-2015, MSc in Robotics (University Of Bristol and UWE, UK),
  • 1998-1999, MSc in Advanced Computing (University Of Bristol, UK) and
  • 1992-1997, MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (University Of Patras, Greece)

If you are interested in a formal CV, please visit my LinkedIn page