micro-ROS puts ROS2 onto microcontrollers, making them first class participants of the ROS2 environment

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This happened last Saturday midnight when I was asleep. I said let’s look for any good robotic library and… I found this new project. It is called micro-ROS and this how it is described by the developers:

“A platform for seamless integration of resource constrained devices in the ROS ecosystem.

From the level of ROS onwards, we strive to re-use as much as possible from ROS2, and be as compatible with it as possible. In some areas, we will probably do custom implementations optimized for resource use. This will definitely include TF, and maybe other areas such as scheduling. These optimized implementations may also be interesting for use with “normal” ROS2.”

As far as I saw, this is a found project started at the beginning of 2018. Looking forward to the updates!

More details on github: https://github.com/microROS/micro-ROS