make a video tour for your ios app

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or “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I think that the best thing to do in order to promote your app is to compose an application tour video.

When I finished my app and I was searching a way to help my potential end users I searched for a way to compose such a presentation.

The first problem was to find a way to capture the iPhone screen. By doing the appropriate reseasrh i ended up to a low cost solution (call me sound stage mac app) that works. Even if it offers more features (like customized background but static) the main con is the size of the produced video since you have to choose the best quality (otherwise the screen is not easy readable). Finally,  after some tries we had the video of the screen with simulated white dot representing my finger.

Then, the most important part we had to do was to compose a video using the captured video, titles transitions, music in an efficient way with a simply to use software (because we cannot spent time to learn video editing software) and of course  in a low price.

The ultimate solution is Cybelink’s PowerDirector, many features, easy to use, quality output. Using this software we made:

Hope to help you a bit with my research on the available solutions.